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Adam Needles Appointed CEO of ANNUITAS

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  • Science of Digital Marketing

Marketing 2016: The Top Influencers on Marketing

Who are the Top 100 Influencers of Marketing in 2016? Take a look at the list from Science of Digital Marketing.

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  • NG Data

37 Marketing Pros Reveal How Real-Time Marketing Impacts and Benefits Brands (with Real World Examples)

From reaching prospects at key pain points with relevant messaging to tapping into the most relevant, current trends, real-time marketing offers a multitude of benefits for the modern brand.

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  • CrowdReviews

How To Get The Most From Your Content Marketing

When year over year we are seeing a decline in success despite an increase in spending on content creation and an increase in the sheer volume of content created, one has to take a step back and ask “what is wrong with this picture?”

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  • MarketingCharts

How Enterprise-Level B2B Demand Gen Marketers Are Constructing Buyer Personas

When developing buyer personas, demand generation marketers are most likely to include job function (68.1%) and job title (65.5%).

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  • DMN

3 Essential KPIs for Demand Creation Efficiency

The crux of his message was that marketing organizations are leaving piles of money on the table by not focusing on demand generation.

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  • Enterprise Marketer

Jennifer Harmel On Change Management In Marketing

What does change management have to do with enterprise marketing? A great deal, according to the podcast with Jennifer Harmel live from Content Marketing World via Enterprise Marketer.

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  • Manufacturing Marketing Institute

Demand Generation for Manufacturers

Listen in to the podcast on demand generation for manufacturers and see why no one likes being disrupted by marketing and how to become more buyer-centric.

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  • Oracle Marketing Cloud Modern Marketing Blog

A Deeper Look Into B2B Demand Generation

Insights into how B2B enterprise marketers view and drive demand generation in 2016 based on the third annual study by ANNUITAS.

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  • B2BMarketing

#DearB2B: Measuring ABM performance

#DearB2B answers the questions marketers have on topics including account-based marketing measurement.

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