It’s All in the Words

We are constantly asked, "what is the best way to ensure that my company gets a good response rate from our marketing efforts?"  Assuming that the data is good (that is a big assumption seeing as many companies overlook that crucial step), we continually tell our clients that it is all in the content.

Too many companies have fallen victim to the trap of making their collateral, e-mail, website and other marketing material look sexy while spending little to no time on the development of the content.  While a visually appealing piece is nice and can get a direct mail piece opened, the content is what will draw the response.  

There is nothing worse than meeting a person who has all the looks in the world but all the substance and depth of a fork.  This often describes marketing efforts.  Marketing content needs to be relevant & rich and hit your prospects at their pain point, anything less will fail and no matter how many times you approach them.  In the end, you will have the same result . . . a great looking piece with nothing to show for it.