Hello…Have We Met?

There is a person that I know here in Dallas and we have been introduced to each other at least 5 times in the past 18 months.  I have even had dinner with this individual as part of a group of 8-10 people.  Each time I see this person, he extends his hand, introduces himself and says, "I don't believe we have ever met".  While I find this humorous and will begin soon to give other names to him each new time we "meet", it is exactly what we do in  the world of marketing. 

Companies launch a campaign, gather up a ton of responses and take the A & B leads and leave the rest to die only to have them put back into the database for the next new campaign that will run next quarter.  The next quarter comes and a new campaign is launched and all of those respondents from the first campaign who were ignored because they had a 6+ month or over timeframe, hear from us saying, "I don't believe we have met".  The already know you and in return told the company they wanted to go further in the relationship.  It is not unlike Kevin Nealon's "Mr. Short Term Memory" character on Saturday Night Live.

Instead of a continual introduction where you never get past a hello, take your hello's (responses) and manage them properly so they turn into "I do's" (closed deals).