Do We Really Need More?

Talk to any sales person about their greatest want on a day-to-day basis and they will most likely tell you they need more leads.  Yes, I know I am picking on sales people here but because I was one and was the chief of proclaiming that we were not getting enough leads, I can do so.


The usual cycle at most companies is sales complains about not getting enough leads, marketing launches a campaign and hauls in a bunch of leads (responses is more accurate) and passes them to sales.  Sales rummages through them and finds the ones they believe have the best chance of closing, while the others are ignored.  Thus cycle then repeats itself about every 3 months.


The issue here is not sales people asking for more.  They are in sales, that is what they will do and rightly so.  The issue isn't even that there are not enough leads; the real issue is that marketing needs to do better with the leads they have.  Marketing does not need to go out and bring in a fresh crop of leads, which only adds to the problem.  What marketing (and sales) need to do is be better caretakers of the leads that have been brought in from campaigns and the web.  By implementing a lead management strategy you will change the face of your marketing department.


Implementing the right lead management strategy will have the following impacts on your organizations:


– Improved lead quality
– Increased value i.e. improved ROI
– A better pipeline
– Increased close ratios
– Increased revenues
– Happier sales people (as marketers who doesn't want that!)


As budgeting cycles for 2008 are right around the corner start looking at things differently, instead of repeating the cycle, begin allotting more of your dollars to managing the leads you have and watch the difference it makes in your organization.