Managing Email Leads

In the previous post (“Email Marketing?”), we took a brief look at e-mail, automation, and how it can help improve marketing and sales. But what about the leads that are generated from those email campaigns?  What about the "clicks" that are connecting your company with interested buyers?  How are they being captured and managed?

E-mail, although an efficient means for communication, provides only limited ability for companies to fully engage with their prospects and clients. Often, companies suffer from a "one and done" contact with would be buyers, because there is no process or strategy for ongoing, timely communications.  Many marketers are forced into an "I sent the email. Now, I will sit, wait and hope" mindset. Instead, a process of how to handle respondents and non-respondents should be in place to maximize email marketing.  So how is that done?  For respondents (those who respond to the email message), systems should be created so you can track them, by name, and how they responded. Then, put them through a qualification process to determine what kind of lead they are (for example, are they “hot”, “warm” or “cold”?).  If they are "hot", move them over to sales for follow up, and/or into the CRM system.  If they are not, move them into a nurturing group that will receive future communications. 

For non-respondents, pull out hard bounces (bad email addresses).  Then, you should already have a pre-determined strategy on how the remaining records will be marketed to again.  Email? Direct Mail? Telesales?  A Combination?  Develop a communication process that will utilize multiple touches and multiple methodologies that will help you to obtain information on the respondents  and that will move the respondents closer to “raising their hands”.  This process, along with the right tools and technology, will allow you to move from "sending email" to becoming a true online marketer.