Number Crunching

I hate math. I despise it. But sometimes in order for us marketers to prove our point we have to use it.  Take the following numbers from a recently published Aberdeen Research Study report by Ian Michaels:

  • Only 16% of leads that are deemed sales opportunities actually close
  • 2005 research indicates 60-70% of marketing qualified leads are not followed-up by sales
  • Only 43% of organizations currently use any kind of lead nurturing strategy or framework
  • Nurtured leads in best in class organizations delivered 47% higher average ordered values than non-nurtured leads

This is great news.   Do the math.  In a time when organizations world-wide are wondering what steps they need to take to offset the economic down turn, this research indicates that companies do in deed have sales leads.  The key is to qualify and nurture them effectively through to closing the sale.

Maybe the new math for leads is quality, not quantity!