Five Key Points about Lead Management

Next Tuesday, June 29th, The Annuitas Group
will participate in the Focus Interactive Summit on “Mastering Lead
  I’ll be giving the
opening presentation at 8:30 PST (which includes a live Q&A) followed by
many other B2B thought leaders throughout the morning
and afternoon. 

In preparation for the event, I wanted to give you 5 Key
Things that every B2B marketer should keep top-of-mind when it comes to “Mastering
Lead Management.”

  1.  Dream big, start small and scale appropriately.  To many times organizations
    try  to move from no process to a full blown
    Lead Management FrameworkTM . While  ambitious, its not
    realistic and often the reason a project stalls or never gets off the  ground in the first place. Organizations should set milestones and develop
    a  roadmap when undertaking process change so that the vision and expectations
    are  realistic and attainable. And remember s
    hort-term wins will
    go far to maintain  momentum and create internal alignment.


2.     The development of lead management
process is not a marketing only exercise.  
Marketing must work with sales in
order for this approach to work. With
marketing and sales working in
the alignment gap will close and greatly improve an organizations demand generation
results.   Remember the goal
here is to have a meaningful engagement with your buyers.  The rewards of that engagement are
higher qualified leads, improved sales and increased revenue.  When this happens  . . . both marketing and sales win!


3.     To develop a lead management process, you must understand the current
(or lack thereof) process in the organization.
  The place to start is with an internal audit.  Much
like a mechanic that gets under the hood to find why that rattling sound is
occurring, companies need to get under the sales and marketing hood to understand
what issues are obstructing ROI.  Get an understanding of where you are as an organization and
what needs improving then set a plan to begin developing the process.


4.     Lead management is more than just lead nurturing and scoring.  Lead Management is a holistic exercise
of conjoined processes. Many organizations look at scoring and nurturing and
develop these without understanding the role of data, lead planning, lead
routing and metrics.  Be sure to
look at your process as a whole and define the touch points between them.


5.     Technology alone is not the answer.  Marketing automation technologies abound and many with the
promise of lead management. 
Technology enables a solid lead management process but does not create one.  The need for people and process is what
will enhance the value of the solution. 
Before investing in any Marketing Automation Solution, be sure that your
personnel can support the solution and there is a defined process that will be
enabled by the solution.

Be sure to register for the Focus Interactive Summit and all the great content to be learned.  Hope to “see” you there!