When Is Enough, Enough? 3 Things to Consider Before You Go For More

How can a modern marketer tell when they have enough content? Is there ever enough content? YES! Too many marketers keep creating content, even great, engaging, beautiful content, but it might not be necessary and just becomes useless or overwhelming for buyers. Why? Sometimes, we just feel like we need more or we really want to produce that video or infographic. However, those are not the right reasons to produce more content. According to the 2015 ANNUITAS B2B Enterprise Study, the biggest obstacles to achieving demand generation goals are limited resources (44%) and lack of a defined strategy (22%). Developing more content will only add to these issues.

Biggest obstacles to demand generation success imageHere are a few things to consider before you get ready to go for more:

Does it map to your Strategy?
Rule number one for any marketer is that before we do anything, there needs to be a well-defined Demand Generation Strategy that maps to the buyer (buying committees too) through all stages of the buyer’s journey. This strategy is what dictates content type, quantity, the channel and cadence for distribution,and placement of the content in the buyer’s journey. Although nothing is ever final in marketing, a strategy needs to be final with room for a minor tweak or two to optimize effectiveness based on key performance metrics. If the “new” content piece isn’t part of your defined strategy, it is probably not needed. Think long and hard before you launch into something that doesn’t map to your strategy.

What is the goal of the content?
Falling into the “more” trap is common, especially when we forget to think about the goals or objectives of each  piece of content. Every piece of content should be designed to Engage, Nurture or Convert buyers and always help to educate. Sometimes there is a need for a piece of content to be fun or entertaining, but make sure it fits into the strategy. Define what the new piece of content is to be used for (Engage, Nurture or Convert) and how it should perform before looking to create more than what you have planned. Don’t create new content to post on LinkedIn because you want something on that channel. That is a not a goal, that is about distribution and they are very different things.

Why do you need new?
You may find you may actually need an additional piece of content, but do you actually need an entirely new piece of content? What about creating new content from existing content? Think about slicing and dicing and reworking core content messages and putting them into different formats. Jay Baer wrote a great piece called How to make 8 pieces of content from 1 piece of content. Take a look and think about how you could apply this to your needs.

Before you develop your next piece of new content, keep these three tips in mind. If the new piece of content is needed, make sure to have the time and the resources to produce it well. Go for quality over quantity as a rule. Most importantly, make sure you have the audience who will consume the new content and find it useful. If not, don’t go for more, you probably have enough already.

Author: Erika Goldwater CIPP/US @erikawg Vice President, Marketing for ANNUITAS