Specificity Matters

I do not claim to be an expert in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).. I know enough to generally cover all the bases, but that’s where my skills end. So, after returning from last week’s Content2Conversion Conference in Scottsdale, I find myself still thinking about one session I attended called SEO for Content Marketers by Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank® Marketing and the phrase, “specificity matters.”

specificity matters slide
The session was jam-packed with some of the best advice I have heard at an event in the past year. Not to mention, it came with a promise to make the deck and all the associated assets and guides downloadable to help with putting the advice and tips into action. This was the best news by far as I have my own “reference library” filled with my favorite content and essential resources that I use constantly while I work.

Lee opened the session by saying, “SEO is a fundamental element of marketing.”  In other words, content and SEO go hand in glove. However, many of us in the audience admitted that we knew little more than the basics when it comes to SEO. Where do marketers need to begin with SEO or how do we optimize what we already have in place? Ultimately, what impact will this have on our content or demand generation if we don’t do it right?

There are so many nuances to SEO and many marketers have much to learn. However, the biggest takeaway from the session was that “specificity matters.” Marketers need to pay attention to the details of how to manage SEO properly and how to keep it optimized, but the biggest challenge is think about how to deliver the best answer in our content, especially in terms of inbound efforts. As SEO so significantly impacts demand generation, we need to think about this across all the potential channels that B2B marketers may use. It’s not just key words and tagging anymore. Your content matters a great deal as well.

How to tie in content and SEO? Be able to answer to your buyer’s question and start there. Think about content topics, related topics and ideas, as well as full phrases that people may be searching for. Then, make sure your content delivers the best answer and be specific. As in life, you can’t be everything to everybody. Same thing in SEO. Go deep and be relevant because “specificity matters” especially in SEO and in our content.

Author: Erika Goldwater CIPP/US @erikawg Vice President, Marketing, ANNUITAS