Director – Strategy

Director, Strategy

Position Overview:

The Director, Strategy is the “hub” or our Strategy Practice Area within ANNUITAS. Responsible for the day-to-day management of client service delivery, this is one of the lead positions in the Strategy Practice Area and within the overall Client Account Team. The Director, Strategy reports to the Vice President, Strategy.

This position consists of the following:

  • Manage and track the progress of all program milestones and deliverables across all phases of client engagements
  • Lead and stay ahead of the insight development process; serve as the primary ‘insight advocate,’ ensuring insights are delivered against in Strategy Phase, as well as in subsequent program Implementation and Optimization Phases
  • Serve as the first-pass layer of quality control on all client deliverables
  • Manage Consultants and Analysts in the Strategy Practice Area

This position will require approximately 10-25% travel.

Core Areas of Responsibility

As the leadership position within the Strategy Practice Area, the Director, Strategy serves a pivotal role in the management, development and expansion of client accounts. The Director, Strategy will serve to link tactical account work to the strategic Demand Process Architecture for which ANNUITAS is known.

This includes the following:

  • Act as a ‘Traffic Manager’ within each account to ensure that progress against deadlines, milestones and objectives are being met
  • Supervise all tactical activities such as client interviews, development of findings, research and insights, content development and program build
  • Supervise, train, direct and manage Analysts and Consultants in the Strategy Practice Area
  • Coordinate service delivery within the Strategy Practice Area team members – providing creative and related briefs to ensure continuity with the vision of the Strategy
  • Coordinate service delivery across the Strategy, Technology and Data Science Practice Areas to ensure continuity with the vision of the Strategy as well as timeliness from a client perspective
  • Perform regular quality checks to ensure that all information and recommendations being delivered to the client are accurate, align with the ANNUITAS Demand Process Maturity Model, meet ANNUITAS standards for client service delivery and are consistent with insights and key findings
  • Stay informed and up to date on industry trends, research and key events as they relate to Demand Generation 2.0
  • Supports the Vice President, Strategy to ensure that program margins and program objectives are being met

Required Knowledge, Skills & Characteristics

  • 5-10 years experience in B2B Demand Generation (B2C a plus) including program development, marketing automation implementation and use, organizational planning and development
  • Is experienced with marketing automation technology
  • Experience working in an agency and/or consulting environment
  • Experience in managing and working within complex global enterprises
  • Experience in managing teams, resource planning and budgeting
  • Experience in managing and implementing change across a global enterprise
  • Able to work in a fast-paced, every-changing environment


ANNUITAS is a B2B Demand Strategy firm designed to help enterprise organizations Transform Demand Generation℠.  We are a team of passionate B2B marketers, technologists and strategists that thrive on helping clients drive more revenue through an integrated and holistic Demand Generation Strategy, encompassing core components to deliver perpetual revenue.

ANNUITAS clients span the globe including top manufacturing, technology, media and financial services organizations. We work with our clients just as we work with our team, to build a strategic plan seeking input and feedback throughout the process.  Great strategy does not happen without shared insights and a team environment. ANNUITAS delivers both.

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